Wednesday Dig – Rude Rock Open.

Big thanks to the huge crew that came out on wed to give rude rock some loving. She's open for summer and we'll head back in and touch her up over summer. This weeks wed dig will be on the skippers pack track. It's taken a beating over winter with some big slips and ruts coming out. The gc's at vertigo bikes usually look after it as they run guided trips on it. This year we will run the next 2 Wednesday digs on it to fix her up ready for summer and make sure she's running well for when we link rude rock into the top section. In the long run we are looking at re routing the bottom section into the pine forest to address sustainability issues and make more single track! To say thanks vertigo are offering $25 of store credit for anyone coming either of the next two wed digs. So that's $50 of store credit per digger up for grabs. They will also provide transport back to the top. Meet at the top of skippers road at 5.30 and we'll head in. Free beer and OSM's from the club as usual. See you out there!

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