QBP, New Club DH trail construction started and dig dates

QMTBC has started work on the new DH trail within the Queenstown Bike Park. An awesome turnout of volunteers on Saturday morning for the inaugural dig. Committee member & Tree guru Jimmy Carling cleared the corridor on the lower section with an amazing display of chainsaw mastery, The volunteers cleared all the dead fall & have already got stuck into constructing a pretty hefty catch berm too. We still need to scope and clear the upper part of trail from where it will eventually start at the access road hairpin where Rockgarden & Original trails join (spaghetti junction) & will be looking to get into this part in the coming weeks. Weekly volunteer digs every Saturday Morning from 9am, meeting at the bottom of the access road, or come join in once the Gondola opens at 10am. Come get involved & be part of what will be an awesome addition to the Bike Park. We'll be looking to instigate a weeknight dig session as well in the very near future. Stay tuned on our facebook page for more updates.  

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