Rabbit Ridge XC Race Series

Latest info in from Rabbit Rige: "Sign up for all 5 races or as many as you can. This no frills Race series is held on Thursday nights at 6 pm. Races start at 6:30pm. Cost $50 for 5 races, $15 casual entry. Race duration aprox 2 hours. The course will be changed for each race.  An option of a short or long course will be on offer with a estimated maximum race time of 2 hours. Category winners will qualify for a prize at each race. At the ends of the series the overall winners will be taken from the best result in 3 races . Entry forms at Rabbit Ridge during open hours or before race start at 5 30pm. Email at info@rabbitridge.co.nz Phone 0508 743 372" This is organised by Rabbit Ridge so contact them if you have any questions.

One thought on “Rabbit Ridge XC Race Series

  1. hi hi hello um is this a rabbit racing competition like literal rabbits because im really confused. if it isn’t, why the hell not.

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