Website/Newsletter Submission Guidelines

If you have anything that you think that Queenstown mountain bikers would want to know about then let us know so we can put it on the website and  into our weekly(ish) newsletter. Anything that goes onto the website goes into the following week's newsletter that normally goes out Monday or Tuesday night. The club website gets around 2000 visits a month and our newsletter goes out to around 1600 subscribers. Anything submitted will be considered but to make it onto the website and into the newsletter it should be:
  1. Relevant to mountain bikers in Queenstown.
  2. Interesting to mountain bikers in Queenstown.
  3. Beneficial to mountain bikers in Queenstown.
If you think you meet these criteria then you will need to send us enough information in an easy to use format.  The website is maintained by volunteer effort and we do not have the time to research and write original stuff about your event or whatever.  The newsletter is pretty similar to the front page of the website in that it consists of a thumbnail graphic and the first couple of sentences of the item followed by a 'read the rest'  link that takes the viewer through to the post on the website if there is more available. (See below for an example of the newsletter)
So here is what to give us:
  1. A title - short and with normal capitalisation.
  2. Some text that can be cut and pasted onto the website.
    • At least a paragraph in length
    • The first sentence or two should summarise what it is about as this is what will show up on the front page of the website and in the email newsletter (see above).
    • Written from the perspective of the MTB club (eg don't use "we" or "I" )
    • A website link for further info or entry forms etc.
    • Include all relevant information eg, dates, times, locations, costs, time table, etc
  3. A picture or graphic of some sort.  This should be something that will look good when the website auto crops it into a square as this is what will go into the newsletter.  The best way to ensure it looks good is to give us a square image!  Feel free to give us a photo or two for the main post and a square logo for the front page/newsletter.
Here is what NOT to give us:
  1. A .pdf file.  This is useless to us as it cannot be loaded onto the website and we will not re-type information from it.
  2. Fully formatted material. All posts on the website go on in the standard fonts and formatting.
  3. Heaps of pictures.  If you send heaps then chances are the first one will be used and the rest will be ignored.
None of the above is hard and fast rules but all submissions to the website are at the discretion of the QMTBC website administrator.  We reserve the right to use some, all or none of your submission and change it as we see fit and deem appropriate. Copyright on all images remain with the photographer but the QMTBC reserve the right to use any submitted images for promotion of the club with credit given to the photographer where known.
Send your submission to: by 8pm on Monday night for that week's newsletter.  Remember sometimes we are too busy to send out a newsletter so it's best to send in details of events at least couple of weeks before!

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