Local Legends! No.1: James

We are starting a new feature to spotlight many of the legends that make the Queenstown biking scene what it is. These may be people you know and love or people you have never even heard of. What makes them special though is what they do to make stuff happen behind the scenes that ultimately benefits some kind of bicycle related greatness in the mighty Wakatipu. Some trail build, some do boring admin, some support the club with epic prizes or fundraising and some are just good people to go and ride with. Either way they're all legends! We are going to kick off with QMTBC's very own self titled 'general helpy guy' James Clark. James is officially the most stoked person around.
James the tablecloth wearer.
He has many skills such as professional tablecloth shirt wearer, north shore connoisseur, cheese board maker, GSDer, stoke infector, sign maker and digs the hardest of anyone at the Wednesday night digs for one ten minute period per night. James came to town a few years ago and immediately got involved, coming to Wednesday digs in overalls in the middle of summer, helping with club events and generally helping out wherever he could and spreading stoke throughout QT. As a committee member on the high rolling QMTBC committee James is currently re-working the club trail map so look forward to some of his epic work on that. As 'general helpy guy' James generally helps out at most QMTBC events. Usually with a whistle and marshall vest over his tablecloth shirt. His awesome attitude along with other vollies make all events fun and ensures people can get somewhere near as stoked as he is on anything!   Q and A 1. Name/Nickname

James 'Shredfest Extra-rad' Clark

2. Hometown?

Wellington, New Zealand

3. How long have you been in Queenstown? What brought you here?

3.5 years... I heard there was a gravity assisted bike park with Gondola access opening to the public - liked that idea & that was the draw card... (Note: Came to Queenstown and got way more stoked on the greater area and network as well!)

4. What kind of riding do you do?

Trail, DH, All Mountain, Mild Hucking, NorthShore.

5. List your bikes.

2013 Transition TR250 with a Reverb Dropper post, it climbs okay, but loves the descent!

6. Favourite trail/area in Queenstown?

The rooty downhill section of Fernhill Loop, back to the bike park. (Also some other wild tracks that are a secret.)

7. Favourite trail/area worldwide?

Kicking Horse (British Columbia - Canada) Massive descents and huge vista of mountains in view. Epic.

8. Best thing about the Queenstown Mountain Bike scene?

Our friends. Amazing skilled riders to learn off and ride great technical trails with.

9.What would you like to see happen in the Queenstown MTB community in the next 5 years?

A north shore build (somewhere) and more big organised social rides!

10.Thanks and shout outs?

 Out of club: Johnsonville Cycles - 15 years old and pedalling a Foes Weasel II - best setup and was shredding on great kit from the start of my biking history!

Our Club - The QMTBC:

    •  Our awesome secretary who puts up with a lot of behind the scenes chaos.
    • Our Treasurer who puts up with a lot of crappy crunched up receipts.
    • Our President who makes it real.

 Sunday Rides.

 More Pictures:

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