local legend – Angus Sobels

Angus is a legend and a half. Despite being Australian and owning more than one 29er he's actually pretty cool. Technically he's not 'local' but he has spent a considerable amount of time in Queenstown skiing and biking with his family. Angus showed up to one of the first QMTBC wednesday digs in 2011 and helped us clear BoB (Built on Beer) with us using a borrowed chainsaw that desperately needed a new chain. The next week Angus shows up with a new chainsaw for the club to use. Thanks to that saw some serious bush has been cleared around the wakatipu, particularly on BoB and Gold Digger. If Angus is in town, even on holiday he will be at the Wednesday dig no questions asked, usually with his 2 awesome boys Seb and Will who also love to dig and can chuck dirt with best of them. When Angus asked Seb what he wanted to do on his 6th birthday all he wanted to do was come to the wed dig and eat pizza with the crew. Seb and Will are legends too. Angus doesn't just stop at helping out the QMTBC, he also is a board member of the South Australia MTB association (SAMBA) and basically gets singletrack built over there. He is also involved with an orphanage in Nepal, what a bloody good bugger! Angus just stops by QT on holiday now and pretty much rides every trail within a 2 hour radius, comes digging, buys the wed dig crew pizza and beer, talks about how cool 29ers are, chips in for trail materials and then buggers off. In our eyes he's a honorary QT local and welcome back anytime!  1. Name/Nickname

Angus Sobels, nickname colonel. a mate who owns a bike shop sold me a helmet that was apparently going to be the "the next big thing" . when my mates saw it for the first time they said it looked like colonel clink from the tv series "mash"!

 2. Hometown?

adelaide, heart is in queenstown though.

 3. How long have you been in Queenstown? What brought you here?

lived in qt all last summer, have been visiting on and off for 20 years. first skiiing bought me to qt, now mtbing does. and the local GC's.

 4. What kind of riding do you do?

XC mtb.

 5. List your bike(s).

 trek superfly, trek fuel ex 9.8, spot single speed belt drive, etc etc etc. about seven bikes, maybe more !

6. Favourite trail/area in Queenstown?

skippers canyon is fantastic when in primo condition.

7. Favourite trail/area worldwide?

 alexandra, nz, and canberra.

8. Best thing about the Queenstown Mountain Bike scene?

the people, the scenery, mcgazza !

9.What would you like to see happen in the Queenstown MTB community in the

next 5 years? more xc trails, more of the same , the current president staying on as he has done a remarkable job to date.

10.Thanks and shout outs?

as above, tom has contributed a huge amount to the club, as well as anyone who has attended a wed night dig session, great event and great camraderie.

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