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Jimi's fashion sense is legend...
Jimmy has a magnificent beard. There is something about a man with a beard that just seems GSD (get sh#t done). Jimmy and his beard certainly GSD. They both arrived on the QMTBC committee at the AGM in 2013 after being heavily involved (basically making it happen) in the Queenstown epic DH series that is providing locals and visitors with a fun, cheap and relaxed downhill races in the mighty Wakatipu. Jimmy has put countless hours into setting up the series. Setting dates, locations, organising vollies, transport, working with our awesome locals shops and sponsors and all kinds of other boring behind the scenes stuff that no-one sees. The slick formula 1 type operation you see at each round of the DH series is thanks to Jimmy's hard work GSDing. The series is in its second full season and with all sorts of local rippers and world cup pros racing in them, enjoying the epic tracks and most importantly good vibe and organisation. They are a real asset to the QT MTB scene and should be here to stay for the long run. Jimmy does all of this around his full time job as a professional arborist and is usually first on the scene wielding a chainsaw when any big trees are down on the trails, keeping them clear for all to enjoy. Jimmy is also keen on trying to get a world cup round to Queenstown too so watch this space....   Anyway enough from us, read below to hear what the man himself has to say...     1. Name/Nickname Jimmy "Jizzy C" Carling 2. Hometown? Guernsey, Channel Islands. Don't listen to Jamie Tilbury, it's way better than the Isle Of Wight 3. How long have you been in Queenstown? What brought you here? January 29th 2009 saw my little tootsies step off that plane. Little did I know what was getting myself into. Very proud to now call NZ home. Sharing life's rich tapestry with all of my friends and my beautiful wife is quite simply a dream realised.
Even marshalling races doesn't stop Jimi from riding!
4. What kind of riding do you do? I love racing. Particularly DH. I'm undecided about Enduro though, for me there's something missing. A little unknown fact... I raced the British National XC Series during my teens and actually won the Youth category when I was 16, but the clinical nature of the training eventually got to me and I found it to be a very sterile existence. XC tracks were getting dumbed down a lot at the time and I like tech. Far too much time on road bikes too. But to answer the question - I ride everything. If the wheels are in the dirt then it is a good day. 5. List your bikes. 2013 Giant Glory 0, without question my favourite DH bike of all time. Giant Trance Advanced SX dressed in all the latest fashions... Actually really like 27.5. There's no drawbacks and it just grips that little bit more. Also have an old Commencal Meta which is currently for sale. And I still have the Santa Cruz Blur frame I won the Nationals on back in the day. It just sits there gathering dust but it carried me to a pretty special victory... Inseparable. I have to plug Vertigo Bikes here. They've been great to me ever since I arrived 5 years ago and this year stepped up to officially sponsor me. Thanks guys, Ceci - I'll be round to do your hedge soon ok... 6. Favourite trail/area in Queenstown? Coronet Peak, Rude Rock and Fernhill Loop. There are others but if I told you, I'd have to kill you. 7. Favourite trail/area worldwide? All time favourite trail would have to be the qualifying track for the Megavalanche back in 2007. Epic is an overused word, but fits nicely here. 8. Best thing about the Queenstown Mountain Bike scene? Aside from the people, I think the potential for the sport's development, and hand in hand with that goes the people driving it. It's heading in a great direction. We should be proud of our club and its' great minds. 9.What would you like to see happen in the Queenstown MTB community in the next 5 years? A big backcountry trail that leads to a QMTBC Club hut, complete with bunks and fireplace. With an epic descent that takes you back out. And a round of the World Cup. And I'd like more of the GC's who come here in the summer to actually stay for good. Saying goodbye every autumn is pretty depressing... 10.Thanks and shout outs?   Mum, Dad, my beautiful wife Vic, Vertigo Bikes, the club and all it's members, Kepler Rek, Allan Burka Durka Birkett, trees, chainsaws, facial hair and Yorkshire tea. Seriously though, life is what you make it. Surround yourself with people whose company you enjoy, work hard to pursue your dreams and ambitions and try to turn every negative into a positive. I have nothing but respect and admiration for those who realise that life is finite and should be crammed with goodness. "I know I was born, and I know that I'll die, in between is mine." - Eddie Vedder.

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  1. Modesty is not a Carling trait. Oh did I mention that I taught Jimmy all he knows? Nice one boy, yer Daddies proud of ya.

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