The 3-6-12 hour Mountain Bike Race 2 weeks away and counting……

From the Rabbit Ridge team... "For those who have that the training is going well. For all the others best to get entered for our first 3-6-12 hour race you can enter up till the 20th of February but the sooner the better. The race trail is marked, the damp weather has done us a favour and the trails are in fantastic condition, we just have to keep our fingers crossed that the great weather is being reserved for our race. We will be holding a race on the 6 and 12 hour course on January 30th as part of our XC Race Series come and race the circuit to get the edge on your opponents or to just work out the route. For those who havent heard about our 3-6-12 hour race go to Rabbit Look forward to seeing you all at the race on February 22nd 2014. Remeber you can tent on site the night before and after the race. Make a weekend of it! Happy training. Steve Manager Rabbit Ridge Bike Resort"

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