Local Legends: Jono Head

Been a while since our last local legend but we are back with a belter! Jono Head, or that legend who runs the Bike Taxi goes above and beyond his requirements as a gnarly taxi driver. Last year he was representing the DH crew on the QMTBC committee and did a great job and is always helping out at events. Usually as a medic as Jono is very qualified with pre hospital training and even heads out on the ambulance runs to keep his life saving skills sharp. If you are planning on crashing make sure jono is close by. Jono runs the Queenstown Bike Taxis and is technically just a taxi service to QT's epic trails. He has no obligation to donate towards trail maintenance but since QBT's inception Jono has either been working on the trails himself or donating a percentage of his earnings from club trails straight back into them. This works out to about $1000 for each trail (Rude rock and Wynyard) each year which goes a long way to keeping them in good shape considering the amount of use they get. Jono is also a regular fixture on the wed dig crew and will always offer his vans to transport diggers or run shuttles for the glory digs! So if you are shuttling with QBT you can be safe in the knowledge that they are giving back to community off their own backs which is a great example for all local biking businesses to follow. Cheers Jono! 1. Name/Nickname Jono 'Bike Taxi' Head 2. Hometown? Small town Straya, But my 10th Queenstown Birthday is coming up in May! 3. How long have you been in Queenstown? What brought you here? Came over for a winter in '04, on my way to see the big wide world. Didn't get very far, and been stuck in the bubble ever since. 4. What kind of riding do you do? Traditionally DH, but I've been spending quite a bit of time on the Stumpy this summer (I know a lot of people won't believe that!) 5. List your bikes. Demo and Stumpjumper (Big thanks to Outside Sports for keeping them running!) 6. Favourite trail/area in Queenstown? Been hitting a few local secrets and lots of Fernhill Loop this summer, loving it! 7. Favourite trail/area worldwide? Mt Hutt is one of the most under rated areas in NZ, spent a month in Morzine last winter (26 chairlifts, 6 bike parks, what more can I say!) 8. Best thing about the Queenstown Mountain Bike scene? In the words of the great Paul Rayner, The GC's. All the people you get to ride with around town, getting to the top of the gondola and having awesome people to do a lap or two with. 9.What would you like to see happen in the Queenstown MTB community in the next 5 years? A master plan for the Bike Park, it's only a small area and its about to turn into a mish mash of link tracks ranging for good to shit. A big, back country epic, 2-3 days. Continue the vibe of the thing, lots of local events like the Jimmy Carling/Fraser Gordon Awesome DH Series, jump jams at Wynyard, set up a BBQ at the bottom of Rude Rock on the 1st Saturday of the month, social shit! 10.Thanks and shout outs? The QMTBC committee, those guys do SOOOO much work to keep it all going forward. Tom Hey and the Wednesday Dig Crew, legends! Fraser, Zac and the DH dig crew, only done one lap down there, but love your work. Lance, Nathan and all the guys that put all the work in 10 years ago to get things started. Dave Pearse for being the QBT legend this summer. All my mates that drag me out for a ride when I start being a grumpy bastard! And of course everyone has been in the vans and supported QBT for the last four years.

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