Look out for the sign off the new Doc track, Phoenix goes to the left of the sign.
Like it's mythical namesake a new trail has emerged from the ashes of the bush fire out near Closeburn a while back.  The new trail was built by local contractors Extra Mile trail Building for the Queenstown mountain bike club and while we have yet to have an official opening it is ready to ride.  Having said that it is quite soft at the moment with all the rain though we expect it to settle in over the winter and harden up next spring/summer after the team hit any hot spots that need tweaking after winter. This is the final link in the long term project to enable a full loop of  Moke Lake/Lake Dispute via 7 Mile avoiding riding any length on the tarmac.   It's best ridden down as this is how it has been designed.  You can get to the start either by riding the complete loop or riding up the new DOC trail just past Wilson's bay away from town.  For the full loop from Wilson's Bay go through 7 Mile, up Golddigger and around Moke Lake and down past Lake Dispute.  The old singletrack that used to end in a stile after lake dispute now carries on down past where the stile was along a new trail built by DOC. About two thirds of the way down to the road Phoenix is signposted off to the left - you can't miss it!  It starts traversing along on old water race with magnificent views of Wilsons Bay before dropping down through some great deciduous trees finishing right accross the road from Wilsons Bay. Phoenix was funded by the Walking access commission and though designed for mountain bikes (primarily as a down trail) it is a dual use track so if you ride it keep an eye out for walkers!
The view from the top of Phoenix
Trail through the trees
As well as upgrading the Lake Dispute trail DOC have upgraded the stiles - Thanks DOC!

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