Mellow up trail @ 7 Mile

The 7 Mile Sub-Committee (comprising of Bruce McLeod, Brendhan Callaghan, Lance Brown and Carey Vivian) are pleased to announce the completion of stage one of a new up-trail link from the lake level to the first terrace on the Wilsons Bay side. The link provides a mellow alternative to the rocky steep walking trail section. The link is still closed, but it is setting up very nicely and may be opened sooner than expected. The 7 Mile Sub-Committee have also had approval for the construction of a new trail down the terrace face from the southern end of Cool Runnings to the Bottom of Satan’s Corridor. The alignment, aimed at intermediate riders, has amply been named Angels Alley. With the help of the Wednesday night crew, we hope to open the link in the next few months. We also have provisional approval of continuing Satan’s Corridor down to the bottom of Grin and Holler. We proposed to keep this trail very natural in keeping with the mature kanuka and rock features. Lots of other proposals for extension currently being looked at, including a major revamp of Cool Runnings.

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