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Spring has sprung and so has the QMTBC 2014-15 season! We have heaps of awesome businesses offering more epic deals this summer including cheap gondola passes, bike parts, food, beer, clothes, boat rides, bike rental, accommodation, bike transport, servicing and more! Just show them your jazzy new yellow QMTBC card. And we have frozen the price at $40 again. We have big plans for trails as ever including beech forest singletrack, expanding 7mile, improving the learner lines at gorge road and building some technical singletrack descents. All this alongside holding the awesome DH race series and heaps of events through the summer. Become a part of Queenstown's Elite and join now! As well as joining online by clicking here you can also join at The Outside Sports ride centre, H and J's Outdoor world and R&R Sports! Get involved!

3 thoughts on “Renew your membership!

    1. Good question, there are no plans yet but I’ll suggest it to some of the others. It’d be nice to use the Wynyard DH track for something like that!

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