Jardine Park Spring Cleaned

Clear lines...
Last week the club got some contractors in to give Jardine Park a tidy up.  The contractors, Royal Tree, did a great job clearing the debris from the trails making them easier to follow as well as clearing out drains that had become filled with pine needles and cones.  Unfortunately some of the log rides had exceeded their use-by date and needed to be removed for safety.  There were also a few home-made structures in there that were not terribly safe
Updated log ride
Log ride
so they had to go too, we will be looking into replacing some of these with safe alternatives in the coming months. Those that could be were saved through often shortened with new ramps made to get onto them.  Overall visibility has been improved by removing some of the lower branches on some trees so parents can now see into the pine circuit from the picnic table in the middle and the entrances are more obvious. Royal Tree were a pleasure to work with and gave the club a great discounted rate, if you are looking for any tree work to be done try giving Jimmy a call on 021-153-3034.  
View into pines from table.
View into pines from table.

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