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The Contact Epic is a journey of discovery, circumnavigating the shores of Lake Hawea, Wanaka, NZ. Sited as NZ’s Ultimate MTB Challenge, this is more of an adventure than a race.

You have the choice of 125km, 95km or 35km legsepic2

Starts on the Hawea Dam and finishes in the garden bar of the Lake Hawea Hotel.

The event houses breath-taking scenery of the Southern Alps, Mt Aspiring and two high country stations.

While achievable for the weekend warrior, it is also regarded as NZ’s test piece MTB race for endurance athletes and people with a sense of adventure.epic3

This race is about mountain biking as it was. Do it all on your terms.

  •  no compulsory bike checks,
  • no gear lists,
  • no cotton wool
  • no excuses.

Determination, preparation and planning will get you to the finish line with a sense of satisfaction that will be hard to beat.

Get a bunch of mates together and enjoy the ride or set out on your own ride that is unforgettable. Situated just over the hill from Queenstown international airport this race is now all the more accessible. Entries close March 30. For further information, to see some of the terrain for yourself and to enter go to  or contact Danielle at or on 0064 3 443 6090







What are people really saying about this race?

A must do, well organised and fantastic
Dougie Hall

Awesome, interesting, rugged, challenging, through beautiful country
Steve Maluschnig

Toughest day you have ever had, but one of the best – stunning scenery, excellent riding and a real feeling of achievement at the end
Jonathan Gadd

An adventure. The kind of day you never forget. Challenging and fun
Paul Millet

This is a Must Do Ride – Great Challenge that has something for everyone, from racing, doing a PB, to just completing. A very well organised event, lots of fun!
Glenn Randle

Challenging, long, hard, hilly, rocky, beautiful, awesome, well run, addictive
Richelle Adams


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