‘Pirate Trails’

A reminder to club members that the club discourages any of it's members from building trails on land that does not belong to them without the land owner's consent. This includes council reserve land like the Ben Lomond reserve in which the Queenstown Bike Park is located. The club was originally formed to facilitate building trails with full landowner consent and a long term strategy for keeping them open and maintained to the correct standard, This standard can include rooty/rocky/muddy/drops/jumps etc whatever the trail was designed to be! If you have an itch to build something new get in contact with the club's management committee or even get elected to it and lets see what we can do without getting your awesome new trail shut down. The QMTBC are constantly building new trails and we are limited only by the number of volunteers and the money we have available so get in touch and lets Get Shit Done. Qmtbc-logo-simple-nz

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