Jardine Family Day

20141122_114207 20141123_121400 20141123_121432 image image_1 image_2 image_3 image_4 image_5 image_6 image_7 image_8Awesome QMTBC FAMILY DAY on Sunday. Loads of kids with maximum bike stoke. Races, treasure hunts, sausages, treasure hunts.. it was all on. Thanks to SBS Bank, Torpedo 7, Patagonia Chocolates and Bidvest for their help/prizes/assistance and BBQ Food. I'm pretty sure everyone left with some goodies. Thanks to everyone who came along and made it a great day. Adam was fully pro when it came to the task of "herding cats" and managed the day like a boss! It's like he has kids or something!! We had a great day with lots of biking an smiles. There were races, treasure hunts, lolly scrambles, tyre throwing and barbecued sausages! Massive turnout and huge stokage! Massive thanks to our sponsors and organising committee Jimmy Carling, Adam Carlson and Nick Scott for putting on a great and free day out!

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