QMTBC/Vertigo Summer Fun Series starts next week.

ss sign up posterIt was great to see so many people signing up for the Vertigo Bikes/QMTBC Summer Series, the guys organising it were  overwhelmed with the popularity! It should be real good fun! As this is the first time doing this sort of event it might take a bit of tinkering to get the handicaps etc right, but they have based the handicaps on actual average race run times on a 2-3 min track for different categories. Here are the race dates for your calenders: Round 1 - Tuesday 16th December Round 2 - Tuesday 27th January Round 3 - Tuesday 17th February Round 4 - Tuesday 3rd March All the rounds will be held in the Queenstown Bike Park with a start time of around 7.15-7.30pm from the half way clearing (using a mix of the green and blue trails, maybe with some fun challenges part way down). There will be no designated start times for riders, you will be able to self seed and go when you want, the timing system we have allows for this. Tracks will be announced some time on the day of the event. Results and prize givings will be held at Searle Lane bar straight after. Just for your knowledge, this years summer series has been properly planned and all the appropriate permissions have been organized as well as a safety plan for each event. Each course will be marshalled, and we have all of Vertigo's staff on hand to help out and we are all pre-hospital first aid qualified, so help will be on hand if needed. We will have radio communication between ourselves and skyline staff too should any emergency arise.

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