Trans NZ 5 Day Enduro Race is coming to Queenstown!

transnzlogoMessage from the race organisers: Day 1 is Craigieburn, Day 2 is Mt Hutt, Day 3 is Coronet Peak, Day 4 is Alex, Day 5 is the Bike Park, Wynyard and Fernhill Loop. We are looking for some sweet local support for day and 3 and 5 in QT.

Course Markers

Coronet Peak: To help mark a stage or 2 each on Sunday March 8th ready for race day on Monday March 9th Bike Park/Fernhill Loop: To help mark a stage or 2 each on Tuesday March 10th ready for race day on Wednesday March 11th We have all the tape and arrows needed to do it. There is a box of beer in it for each stage that someone marks (6 stages on Coronet day and 3 stages on Bike Park day)! But it has to be up to great standard…so no drinking the beer before you head out and mark the stage 😉

Course Marshal

To help on the Bike Park day on Wednesday March 11th. Or at least come cheer on the riders! 8am-9am: Riders will be riding up Skyline Access Road 9am - 10am: Stage 1 (Bike Park) Marshals needed on major intersections of the bike park 9.30am - 10.45am: Stage 2 (Wynyard) Marshals needed on major parts of Wynyard 11am - 12.30pm: Stage 3 (Fernhill) Marshals needed on major parts of Bike Park for end of stage 3 We already have a handful of marshal that are with us for the full 5 days, but would be great to just have some extra locals for the last day! Love ya work everyone and if interested in any of the above then email and if not, all good - but encourage you to at least come up and cheer on the riders in the rowdy sections of the trail! Will keep you posted the day before on the Trans NZ Enduro FB page on where those ‘rowdy’ sections will be (eg course release)

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