Volunteers still wanted for bike festival

The Queenstown Bike Festival is looking for keen mountain bikers and fun energetic individuals who want to join their volunteer team for the festival in 2015. There are plenty of opportunities, roles and fantastic events to choose from. It’s a great way to get right in on the action and front row seats while giving back and supporting the growing bike culture in your community. The Queenstown Bike Festival is run by the Bike Queenstown Charitable Trust whose aim is: 1. To foster, promote, advocate for and encourage research and education into the use of bicycles and the health welfare and community benefits of cycling as a cheap, carbon efficient and safe means of transport. 2. To establish and operate in the Queenstown Wakatipu Basin area facilities, festivals, activities and events centred around promoting the community benefits of cycling as a healthy form of transport and for recreational and sporting activity. 3. To provide cycling events for all members of the community including the young entertainments, activities and promotions including cycling contests, that will give public profile to the health and community benefits of cycling. The Queenstown Bike Festival, understand that the major success of festivals like this is due to all the wonderful volunteers they get throughout the 10 day festival. Some of the volunteer opportunities available are: course marshals, event registration staff, set up of equipment and event start lines, course marking, course sweeper, and general assistance. To view all details you can visit www.queenstownbikefestival.com or email info@queenstownbikefestival.com

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