100,000 feet down

wideopen trip gondiOn Monday the 16th Eddie Masters and Conor Macfarlane are going to try and crack 40 runs up the Skyline Gondola in a day, which will total over 100,000 vertical feet  if all goes to plan.  The purpose for this is to raise money for the proposed jump track that the QMTBC want to build in the bike park. Callum Wood will be on hand documenting the wear and tear on the bikes and riders for an article on the fundraising effort with a bunch of stats for the geekier mountain bikers out there along with a bunch of other content that probably won’t improve your life or make you a better biker. The way money is going to be raised is by having businesses on board to sponsor a rider on a pay per run basis. Any amount can be donated but $5 or $10 a lap is what’s being recommended so if any businesses (or people) out there are interested in sponsoring the fundraising effort please get in contact with Eddie Masters on eddiemasters@hotmail.com or Conor Macfarlane on macfarlane.conor@gmail.com 0273106189. There will also be a donation box on the day where people can feel free to drop a few dollars so they can hopefully have a jump trail to ride in the near future!

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