QMTBC at Trustpower Community Award finals

Boys stars
Jimmy (left) and Adam became the stars of the show!
A couple of weekends ago Adam and Jimmy from the QMTBC committee represented the club at the 2015 Trustpower Community Awards.  The club won the Queenstown Lakes nomination for these awards late last year and has since been working behind the scenes to put together a presentation for the finals in Wellington.  Club member Paul Rayner has provided invaluable assistance by putting together a short video representing the club's activities that will be useful for years to come when applying for funding or introducing the club to others.  He also did an alternative edit more focussed on events and riding you may have already seen. With his Radio announcer hat on Ferg recorded this interview on the day of the awards. The video used as part of the presentation: Councillor Craig "Ferg" Ferguson went to Wellington with them and said "They put together a great presentation that got a lot of response from the crowd. It was well received and I suspect that they were judged highly. Adam and Jimmy were fantastic ambassadors for the club and the QLDC. They were very popular attendees at the awards weekend. "
Boys Bikes
Essential props for the presentation...
Boys Pencarrow
Relaxing at Pencarrow heads with the rest of the candidates

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