Mountain Bike Trail Developments in Queenstown

Queenstown Mountain Bike Club recently received a message from a member concerned about the loss of natural technical tracks in the Queenstown area.  Here's a note from the QMTBC President, Jimmy explaining
Dear Rene/Queensown Mountain Bike Club Members
Thanks for your feedback and input with regard to trail management in the district.
Trail sanitisation is a much talked about topic within the local biking community and one we take great interest in.
Many trails outside of QMTBC managed areas have been widened and gravelled with the view to catering towards families, walkers, those in wheelchairs and cycle tourists, in order to make accessing trails available to everyone. This has seen some old favourites go under the bucket and we understand how frustrating it can be to lose a favourite piece of trail.
QMTBC recognises that technical trail riding is as important as the easy stuff, which is why the club has put spades in the dirt creating technical bike trails like GSD and Pack Track and Sack, as well as taking on the management of Fernhill Loop which includes an awesome new network of single track trails built within the native forest. Some of these will be very much aimed at technical riders and we hope will satisfy your passion for quality, hand built, singletrack tech.
In a nutshell, we live in too beautiful a pale to only have black/double black bike tracks. The outdoors needs be accessible to all, and this is what has led to trail sanitisation in areas.
If you'd like to be involved in the making of Queenstown's new bike trails, QMTBC holds volunteer digs every Wednesday night and Saturday morning. Keep an eye on Facebook for details!
Hope you have a rad summer
Jimmy Carling
If you have any questions or suggestions you'd like to share with the Queenstown Mountain Bike Club please get in touch

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