One Square Meal Fueling the QMTBC Volunteer Diggers


A massive thank you to One Square Meal for donating a carton of One Square Meals to the Queenstown Mountain Bike Club for the volunteer trail diggers.

Every Wednesday night (and some Saturday mornings) a crew of volunteers set out with their tools to hand build amazing singletrack mountain bike trails around Queenstown.  If you've not been to one of the QMTBC trail digs you won't have seen how hard these vollies work - chopping tree branches, smashing through rocks, digging out roots and sculpting the dirt to perfection.  Hard work makes for hungry workers.

Having some One Square meals to hand out means that the crew have more energy and therefore more track gets built.

If you're not familiar with One Square Meals here's a little info for you  taken from their website -

"One Square Meal is the most nutritionally balanced food in the world. Using natural ingredients such as manuka honey, rolled oats, dried apricots and berries, One Square Meal provides one third of the recommended daily intake of key nutrients - a full meal's worth. There is no other food on the planet that delivers such nutritional balance.

Available in three flavors - Apricot with Manuka Honey, Cranberry with Blackcurrant and Chocolate with Manuka Honey, One Square Meal contains real fruit, has zero trans fats, no artificial colours or flavours and use non GM soy protein."

These bars are awesome to pack in your bag for longer rides and you can pick them up in most supermarkets and sports shops in Queenstown.

Even more reason to join the Queenstown Mountain Bike Club dig nights.  Awesome trails, One Square Meals and jolly good times.

Want to join the mountain bike trail digs? You'll find details on the Queenstown Mountain Bike Club facebook page

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