Coronet Peak Construction Closures Update


There are further temporary construction zone safety restrictions in place around the base area at Coronet Peak. You can no longer ride alongside the fence to access Corotown, and the XC or DH tracks.

The only way to access this part of the mountain is to cycle along the access road leading to Heidi's hut and pedal up to the tracks from there - THIS IS INDICATED BY THE BLUE LINE ON THIS MAP. The red areas are CLOSED to all unauthorised persons as heavy machinery will be operating.

NZSki are working to keep the ski area accessible to all recreational users and will lift the safety restrictions as soon as is safe to do so, in early April.

Please park in Car Park 2 OR in the access road to Gobblers Hut. (Green A-Frame). Greengates Car Park is now CLOSED.

Please respect these restrictions and all signage displayed, they are here for our safety.

Thanks guys!

Coronet Peak Queenstown MTB Closures

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