Wakatipu Chiropractic – Deals for QMTBC Members

Wakatipu Chiropractic massage therapist Hanna Wakeling is offering a members rates of $70/hour (normally $90).  Hanna is an awesome therapist who has worked with a lot of top athletes.  To snap up this offer you'll need to see Hanna on a Thursday evening so call and get yourself booked in.
They are also offering discounted Chiropractic rates by roughly 40% for Queenstown Mountain Bike Club Members with initial consults being $30 and followups $20 (ACC surcharges.) Wakatipu Chiropractic are ACC registered so can organise ACC cover for you at the clinic. Chiropractic is available Monday-Thurs.

The clinic is located above Graze restaurant in Lake Hayes Estate (Level 1, 1 Onslow Road, Lake Hayes Estate.)

To book phone 03 451 0384. For more details check out their website www.wakatipuchiropractic.co.nz or email simon@wakatipuchiropractic.co.nz. Wakatipu Chiropractic office

4 thoughts on “Wakatipu Chiropractic – Deals for QMTBC Members

  1. Coming over to Queenstown to MTB btw 11-20 March 2016. Are there any restrictions around that time due to events etc that we might need to know about? Also do you have a map of the Moke Lake trail if we climb up from Glenorchy Rd starting at 7 Mile Delta carpark. Cheers

    1. Odd place for this question, never mind here goes…

      I’m not aware of any trail closures during the dates you mention so you should be good.

      The trail you mention is on the club map available in our online shop

      Not sure which carpark you are talking about but I’d suggest you start at the 7 Mile car park on the town side of 7 Mile and ride up Gold Digger, along Moke Lake Rd to the campsite, through the campsite and along the singletrack beside Moke Lake linking to Lake Dispute and then turning off the DOC track onto the club built Phoenix singltrack to Wilson Bay the riding through 7 Mile back to the 7 Mile car park. Although you could also start at the Wilson Bay car park.

      There is a better description and a map of this on the TrailForks website: http://www.trailforks.com/route/moke-lake-lake-dispute-loop/

      1. Cheers thanks for the reply. I thought the question was going on to your club page. Sorry about that. The trail info is much appreciated.

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