Reminder – 7 Mile Fundraiser at Winterfest Carnival this Sunday


On 3rd July QMTBC will be at the Winterfest Auckland Airport Carnival.

We’ll have 3 bikes on wind trainers and the aim is to to keep the wheels turning all night from 4.30-8pm and see how many KM’s we can clock up.

Come join us, jump on the saddle for a while and do your part to make 7 mile awesome.

Support the cause!

Sponsor us per KM.

You choose how much whether it’s 1 cent, $1 or $10 per KM it’s all appreciated. If you’d like to sponsor us please for further details.

Make a donation

If you want to make a one off donation to the cause you can do this through our website

Get rid of that annoying loose change

We’ll have a donation box at the event to help rid you of that annoying loose change (or notes) that are clogging up your pocket space.

What are we fundraising for?  7 Mile Upgrades

7 Mile has long been a favourite spot for Queenstown mountain bikers and the recent addition of the easy access trail “What’s Up” has made it more accessible for all skill levels.

This however is just the first in Queenstown Mountain Bike Club’s long list of improvements planned for the bike park. Next on the list is to remodel Cool Runnings into a really fun family friendly / skills development loop.

Cool Runnings is a relatively flat area which gets largely forgotten about even though there are some great natural shapes in the terrain.

The redevelopment will include

  • Wooden Features (4-6 of varying style)

  • Pump Track

  • Flow trail

  • Jumps – taking advantage of the natural terrain

  • Rock features

The aim is to build a safe environment for intermediate riders to practice and develop their bike handling skills and confidence.

Stop by and help support us on Sunday!

2 thoughts on “Reminder – 7 Mile Fundraiser at Winterfest Carnival this Sunday

  1. We are visiting from Australia in December. Are you able to ride the track as a casual ??

    1. Hi Sharon

      All our tracks are available for anyone to ride, we hope you have an awesome time. If you have a great time your can show your appreciation by joining the club or making a donation through our website. All funds go back into building and maintaining trails in Queenstown.

      Might see you in December.

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