QLDC Candidate Questionnaire: Arrowtown Ward

Voting papers are currently being sent out for the upcoming local body elections. We mountain bikers make up a significant block of eligible voters in the Queenstown Lakes District and it is important that we have a mayor and councillors who are supportive of mountain biking and the mountain bike club. To help you decide who to vote for we sent a short questionnaire out to all the candidates. Scott Stevens is running unopposed in the Arrowtown ward, but he's responded to our survey anway, so please take the time to read what he said.

Scott Stevens

Scott Stevens1: Do you support the QMTBC's goal of further developing the local mountain bike trail network? Yes 2: Should Queenstown strive to be the premier mountain bike destination in New Zealand? Absolutely 3: Are you in favour of the QLDC offering financial assistance to the QTMBC? Let's see the application 4: Do you support the renewal of the QMTBC's license area on Gorge Road? Yes 5: Do you have any other comments you would like to add? You guys and girls do a fantastic job and have really added to the value of the Queenstown Lakes District.

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