QLDC Candidate Questionnaire

web-vote2016With the council elections just around the corner we've sent out a questionnaire to all candidates asking about support for mountain biking and the QMTBC. Here are links to what the candidates had to say: Even if you are not on the electoral roll it is not too late to vote. You just need to visit the council and cast a special vote. Below is a copy of the email sent to candidates.
Dear Candidate I'm writing on behalf of the Queenstown Mountain Biking Club (QMTBC) to all candidates in the upcoming local body elections with a few simple questions to gauge their attitudes to mountain biking and support of the club. We intend to publish the answers on our website and Facebook page (which has has just under 6000 'likes'). QMTBC was established in 2003 to develop mountain bike trails and to support the Queenstown mountain bike community. Since then the QMTBC has grown to 600 paid members and thousands of people are riding QMTBC built trails annually. QLDC has funded an economic impact study of mountain biking which will be completed this summer. A DOC counter at the 7 mile reserve counted 23000 users in 12 months to March 2016. Our picturesque trails regularly feature in mountain bike movies and media, both in print and on the web. Queenstown has become a globally recognised mountain biking destination, largely due to our awesome scenery and having some of the only lift accessed downhill trails in the country. However Rotorua now offers lift accessed riding along with some of the best trail riding in the country. Christchurch Adventure Park, in which the Christchurch City Council has invested two million dollars, opens this summer with a purpose built 1.8km chair lift and a plan to eventually have 120 km of mountain bike trials. In addition to $178,000 in funding for the Nelson Mountain Bike Club, the Nelson City Council has also allocated $100,000 towards a project to build a gondola on Fringed Hill. Queenstown cannot afford to rest on it's laurels, especially given it's relative lack of certain types of trails, if it is to remain a global mountain bike destination. The QMTBC has managed to achieve a great deal with very little financial support from the council. Currently QMTBC have two areas licensed from QLDC, Wynyard Bike Park and Gorge Road Jump Park. The Gorge Road license is due for renewal in January 2018 and there is some concern that we may lose this license area as it has been mentioned that coach drivers want a bus park in town and some see the Gorge Road location as a potential site for this. Thousands of volunteer hours have gone into building and maintaining the jumps at Gorge Road and the area has an international reputation as some of the finest publicly accessible dirt jumps. It would be a great shame to pave paradise and put up a parking lot. Please take the time to answer the following questions. 1: Do you support the QMTBC's goal of further developing the local mountain bike trail network? 2: Should Queenstown strive to be the premier mountain bike destination in New Zealand? 3: Are you in favour of the QLDC offering financial assistance to the QTMBC? 4: Do you support the renewal of the QMTBC's license area on Gorge Road? 5: Do you have any other comments you would like to add? Thank you for your time. Kind regards

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