Atlas Season of Shred Tomorrow at Wynyard

Atlas Season of Shred Fundraiser Nothing matches the awesomeness of the Atlas Beer Cafe Season of Shred fundraising party so if you have plans for tomorrow cancel them and come join us. Make sure you're there tomorrow night at Wynyard Bike Park from 3pm. Huge raffle prize pool, top riders showing off their style, live local bands plus some delicious Atlas grub and beer. All proceeds are donated to the Queenstown Mountain Bike Club to help us build and maintain the bike trails. Last year, these guys raised an EPIC $21,564 for QMTBC. Here's all the fun things that money helped do: $5,000 spent on maintenance since last year in the Wynyard Freestyle Park. Mostly replacing rotting wood supports in some of the old structures, improving drainage, tidying & reshaping jumps, replanting natives and clearing old pines.
$2,000 spent on the epic Salmon Run (in addition to an incredible amount of vollie hours and vision) $15,000 spent completing the legendary Beeched As climb. A lot of this was hard going, involving a lot of clearing in gnarly dense bush and rocky terrain. The funds raised by the Atlas SOS Event in 2015 were greater than we (at QMTBC) could have dreamed of and we have endeavoured to use them wisely. The QMTBC are massively grateful for this contribution to our goals and feel that the addition of these trails in this area and the enablement of ongoing maintenance is a valued asset to the MTB enthusiasts of Queenstown and beyond. So chur to the chur to the team at Atlas for helping us make things HAPPEN! See you tomorrow!

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