Please Help by Making a Submission on QLDCs Annual Plan

Submissions for QLDC's 2017-18 Annual Plan close on Friday the 28th of April. If you would like council funding for mountain bike trails you need to let them know! Currently QMTBC do not receive financial support from the council and the only way that will change is if as many people as possible make submissions in support of the club. You can make submissions as an individual or on behalf of an organisation so please pass this message along to your friends or any business owners who benefit from the work the club does. It's easy to make a submission you just need to fill out the form here: This is potentially a very important source of funding for the club that would allow us to dramatically increase the speed and scope of our projects. missing linkThanks to Quentin Kenning for the sweet shot of Emmerson Wilken riding the club's Missing Link trail.

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