Time is running out to make submissions for QLDC’s Annual Plan

We only have a couple of days left to get submissions in for this year’s QLDC Annual Plan. We have asked for funding in previous years and have not been awarded it. This year we are making a push to get as many supporting submissions as possible. We ask that you please make a submission, and talk to your friends to make sure they have made their submissions. Submissions can be made here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/F3S8SFZ If you are having trouble writing a submission, you only need a couple of sentences to say:
  • Mountain biking is important to you and the community.
  • Mountain biking is an important part of what attracts a significant group of visitors to Queenstown.
  • You want more mountain bike trails.
  • Queenstown Mountain Bike Club Builds the type of trails that you want to ride.
  • You want to QLDC to financially support QMTBC’s efforts to build more trails.
  • Any other information you think is relevant
In our own submission QMTBC is asking for $100,000 towards a project to build several connecting trails and descents on QLDC land on Ben Lomond. This will open up many permutations of new and existing trails, creating a lot of new loops of different lengths and difficulty. This is in line with other recently publicised examples of local council Mountain Bike Club funding. Nelson MTB Club got $178,000, and South Canterbury MTB Club, $100,000 pa in their councils' last annual plans. The Wakatipu Trails Trust receives $50,000 pa to cover operational costs, but we cover any operational costs ourselves from club dues. It is obviously better that you write your own submission, but if you really don’t have the time you can copy and paste the example below. I am a keen mountain biker and really enjoy riding the trails that the Queenstown Mountain Biking Club has built over the past 15 years. These trails attract visitors from all over the world, and Queenstown has become a renowned mountain biking destination. Even though the club has built some excellent trails I want them to build more. Considering the spin off benefits to the town in general, and how much the club has achieved on the smell of an oily rag, I think it is only fair that the council financially support for the club in their efforts. I support the club’s request for funding to be included in the Annual Plan. 18052419_10155261181776214_1196383001_o

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  1. Hi there
    Just to let you know I made my submission to the QLDC. Good luck guys you so deserve it! Cheers Amanda

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