The Queenstown Mountain Bike Club (QMTBC) was formed in 2003 with the express purpose of facilitating the development of mountain bike trails and biking areas within the Queenstown area in a coordinated, safe and legal manner. In recent years there has been significant growth in mountain biking in Queenstown and the Wakaitpu region, both in local uptake and in international travelers. This is directly attributable to the active and focused efforts of Queenstown Mountain Bike Club. The Queenstown Mountain Bike Club has a committee group of 7 dedicated persons who volunteer their time to organise and run the club: President: Jimmy Carling Treasurer : Bruce Mcleod Secretary: Adam Carlson Website: Brendhan Callaghan email: Use the form below Jump Master: Pete McInally Downhill & General GSDer: Fraser Gordon Merchandise: Ronnie Baker Membership: Al Birkett   Other dedicated individuals that help for specific items are: Resources Consultant: Carey Vivian Accountant: Debbie Hutton The Queenstown Mountain Bike Club has over 400 enthusiatic members including families and youth.  The QMTBC caters to all types of mountain bikers from beginner and learners to enthusiasts to experts and extreme riders and all types of riding including:
  • Free ride,
  • Cross Country Biking
  • Endurance
  • Downhill Mountain Biking
  • Dirt Jumps for beginners and learners to crazy huckers
Queenstown has it all! Queenstown mountain bike trails also get utilised by a large number of visiting tourists to the area. Each summer a huge number of bikers of all standards flock to Queenstown as it is now a popular mountain bike destination.  Queenstown has become a favourite training ground for professional mountain bikers during the northern hemisphere winter.

Support the Queenstown Mountain Bike Club!

The Queenstown Mountainbike Club is a completely voluntary organization and relies on your support to build and maintain the mountain bike trails and tracks in and around Queenstown.  These fantastic local facilities can only be maintained with your support - by joining the Queenstown Mountain Bike Club, by coming along to track building events, by sponsoring an event or by buying some of the cool QMTBC merchandise from our shop. Support your club now!

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7 thoughts on “About QMTBC

  1. Hello NZ! I am biker from finland planning trip to rip new zealands tracks. I would be grateful of any help to plan my trip freeride/dh wise. Possibly some long descending trails that makes daytrip? I`m socialkind of person and used to rugged conditions and hard physical work,so i can gladly take part in trailbuilding and other ridingimproving activities to make my trip count more to me,and you! biketraveller aksu.

  2. Thanks for giving us a call, if you would like to trial a Slammer tool call us back and we will make a time to get you one. Cheers, T.J. 443-9297

  3. We seek a letter of support from QMTBC in relation to the establishment of the Pisa Alpine Recreation Area at the Snow Farm as a recreation reserve owned by QLDC and managed by The Pias Alpine Charitable Trust. The area has some great trails for summer mtb and links will with the DOC area. Who can I email some documents to?

  4. hey.
    im currently conducting a survey involving mountain biking and im just wonderign how i would go about getting emails of the club members so i can email them surveys..


    1. Sorry dude, we don’t give out email addresses of our members, if you have a link to a webform where people can fill out the survey then post another comment with a link to it and anyone interested can follow it.

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