New Club Year – Join now!

This year's card s yellow!

The QMTBC membership year runs from September 1 through to August 31 so it’s time to renew!  the club has some great plans for the coming year with new trails planned and maintenance on the existing trail as well as a few events.  But to make all this happen requires members so sign up now on-line here or wait until Sept 1 when most of the local shops will have membership packs to sign you up in-store.

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Race Against Time

If mountain-biking for 4,000km along rough-hewn tracks, cycleways and gravel roads from the top of New Zealand to the bottom isn’t your cup of tea, spare a thought for a Mountain Bike Club member who is planning on doing just that within the space of 42 days. Carey Vivian will start his epic journey in late January next year to raise funds and awareness for Motor Neurone, a disease that affects the nerve cells which control the muscles that enables the body to move, speak, breathe and swallow. Carey, whose father Barrie (69) was diagnosed with the incurable disease two-and-a-half years ago, will cross the country several times, visiting towns and cities along the way to raise awareness of the disease, equating to twice the distance than the actual shortest road route was taken. Carey is one of the founding members of the Club, and was awarded life membership 4 years ago for his contribution to awarded his services to trail development, race organisation, fundraising and advocacy for the Club. Carey officially launches his ambitious ride and fundraising campaign on Saturday, which is Global Motor Neurone Disease Awareness day. For more information please visit his website or facebook page


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Mellow up trail @ 7 Mile

The 7 Mile Sub-Committee (comprising of Bruce McLeod, Brendhan Callaghan, Lance Brown and Carey Vivian) are pleased to announce the completion of stage one of a new up-trail link from the lake level to the first terrace on the Wilsons Bay side. The link provides a mellow alternative to the rocky steep walking trail section. The link is still closed, but it is setting up very nicely and may be opened sooner than expected. The 7 Mile Sub-Committee have also had approval for the construction of a new trail down the terrace face from the southern end of Cool Runnings to the Bottom of Satan’s Corridor. The alignment, aimed at intermediate riders, has amply been named Angels Alley. With the help of the Wednesday night crew, we hope to open the link in the next few months. We also have provisional approval of continuing Satan’s Corridor down to the bottom of Grin and Holler. We proposed to keep this trail very natural in keeping with the mature kanuka and rock features. Lots of other proposals for extension currently being looked at, including a major revamp of Cool Runnings.

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Winterfest: Otterbox Bikes on Snow

Get amongst the action at the Otterbox Mountain Bikes on Snow up Coronet Peak on Saturday 21 June!  This year qualifying finalists will be rewarded for their efforts with chair lift access for the final and if that wasn’t enough to entice you there’s $250 CASH plus great Otterbox prizes up for grabs for the male and female champions.  For more details and entry visit


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QBT Gives it Back!

We all know that Jono from QBT runs a great bike taxi service but he is also a bit supporter of the QMTBC.  As well as ofiering discounts to club members, when he runs shuttles on club trails he always gives a portion of his takings back to the club for trail maintenance.  This season he has contributed over $3000 to the club from running shuttles on Wynyard and Rude Rock. So when you need a shuttle give QBT a call and know that when you are paying Jono you are also contributing to maintenance on the QMTBC trails you are using!  Contact details can be found on the QBT website

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