Renew your membership!

Spring has sprung and so has the QMTBC 2014-15 season! We have heaps of awesome businesses offering more epic deals this summer including cheap gondola passes, bike parts, food, beer, clothes, boat rides, bike rental, accommodation, bike transport, servicing and more!
Just show them your jazzy new yellow QMTBC card.
And we have frozen the price at $40 again.
We have big plans for trails as ever including beech forest singletrack, expanding 7mile, improving the learner lines at gorge road and building some technical singletrack descents.
All this alongside holding the awesome DH race series and heaps of events through the summer.
Become a part of Queenstown’s Elite and join now!
As well as joining online by clicking here you can also join at The¬†Outside Sports¬†ride centre, H and J’s Outdoor world and¬†R&R Sports! Get involved!

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Skyline Gondola Opening to Bikes on Thursday!

Spring is here and the Skyline Gondola opens ¬†this Thursday (September 18), great news for those who have been hanging out to catch a lift to the top of the bike park! If you have not got your season pass yet remember there is $50 discount for all QMTBC members, just flash your yellow 2014/15 membership card when you buy one. Havn’t got a yellow membership card yet?? Sign up¬†online here or get into a local bike shop to join! When you get up into the bike park don’t forget to check out the newest trail on the hill the QMTBC volunteer built GSD that was completed just before the end of the Season last year.

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Linger and Die XC Race next weekend.

After a Fantastic weekend’s racing at the downhill in Clyde on Saturday and the Enduro in Alex on Sunday the third instalment of Linger and Die is due to take place on Sunday September 28 in Alexandria. ¬†This is a classic Central Otago XC race so if you have not done it yet you should make this the year, it is well worth competing in as it encompasses a broad range of top quality singeltrack. ¬†This year it is timed to coincide with the annual Blossom festival so why not make a weekend of it?

Check out the great photos of the DH and Enduro races on the Linger and Die Facebook Page

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Reminder: Don’t ride walking tracks!

DOC recently have discovered some evidence of bikers on some of their walking-only trails. ¬†Remember there are some pretty stiff penalties for riding on walking only tracks and DOC are pretty serious about inforcing them so it’s best to keep off them for your own protection. ¬†The club does have a good working relationship with DOC and we are working with them to gain access to trails where we can. ¬†If you want to find out which DOC tracks you can ride on have a look at their website here where you can get a full list of tracks open to mountain bikers.

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20% off Specialized Helmets/Shoes @ Outside Sports

Until the end of October Outside Sports are increasing their usual discount on all items* for QMTBC members from 10% to 20% for all Specialized Helmets and Shoes!  This is a great opportunity to get the season off to a good start and replace that ageing helmet and/or uncomfortable shoes you keep hanging on to.  A quality helmet is a key piece of safety equipment and should be replaced if you have crashed it or dropped it hard.

*Excluding bikes and labour

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