The purpose of this report is to evaluate the likely economic benefits of the trail network maintained by the Queenstown Mountain Bike Club, estimating the economic impact of use on the trail by locals and visitors has on the Queenstown Economy. 

This report was prepared following a survey of Queenstown Mountain Bike Club members and trail users. The survey received 770 responses between May 2016 and March 2017. 

The results of the survey indicated extremely high levels of satisfaction with the Queenstown mountain biking experience, with only one response, by a local resident, indicating they would not recommend Queenstown to others for mountain biking. Queenstown’s scenic attraction, the standard and quality of the trails, and the diversity of the trails were the highest rated aspects of the Queenstown mountain bike experience. 

Respondents overwhelmingly desired more trails, and many respondents made note of the need for continued and increased maintenance of the existing trails. 

The survey data was used to provide input into modelling of the economic impact of mountain biking in Queenstown. The modelling indicates that: 

» a total of $64.95 million is spent by mountain bike trail users each year 

» 297.2 direct jobs are generated as a result of spending by mountain bike trail users 

» 38.1 indirect jobs are generated as a result of employee expenditure by those working in jobs servicing the trails visitors 

» the trails generate a total of $25.12 million in income1 for the Queenstown region annually. 


Of the total spend of $64.95 million, $60.12 million is spent by visitors to the region. This equates to approximately 2.8% of total tourism spend in the region.