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New Jump Trail Open at 7Mile

Winter is always a good time for building mountain bike trails. The last few winters have seen new QMTBC trails pop up in Queenstown including Gold Digger, GSD, Huck Yeah! and Salmon Run.

This year it was time to give the 7 Mile bike trails some love. So far the troublesome areas which tend to flood near the Eagles Nest have seen some new drainage and the trails have been reshaped and Kachoong’s lower end has been reshaped and the berms rebuilt making it flowy and fun.

The main talking point is the brand new mountain bike jump trail “Jack B Nimble” which peels off half way down Kachoong and takes you over a variety of tabletop style jumps, railing berms and step downs. Even though some of the jumps might look a bit big for beginners, being tabletops it means anyone can roll over them - even kids with little wheels on their bikes.

What’s really exciting is that there’s more coming.

Next on the list is a revamp of the Cool Runnings area. Work has started to reshape cool runnings into a skills zone with pumps, mini jumps and some wooden features. Perfect for riders of all ability levels to practice mountain bike skills and techniques.

If you’ve not seen the new trails yet then dust off your bike and get out there soon. Please respect any trail closure signs due to the work currently in progress. Ride safe and enjoy!

Thanks to the 7 Mile Sub-Committee and Phatlines for all the hardwork on the new bike trails.

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