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The QMTBC Committee needs you!

QMTBC Committee needs you

We hope you're all well in your bubbles and are staying safe and well. Hopefully we will all be back out on the trails soon enough - until then, be good and thanks for uniting against COVID-19. Ok, enough virus talk - here's what we really want to talk about: The QMTBC Committee needs you!

It's time for a few of our committee members to move on so we're searching for some awesome people to take their places. In June this year, we will hold our Annual General Meeting, during which we will be looking to elect a couple of awesome people to fill two positions we have available. All positions on our committee have the shared goal of making our club better, stronger, greater - aiming to reach a higher capacity for trail advocacy and development. We are looking for GC's to fill the following positions: Presidents Role

  • Primary liaison with local authorities and stakeholders

  • Be the voice of QMTBC, providing a clear and consistent opinion across all platforms

  • Be a part of planning, managing, finding funding options for trail projects

  • Spearhead the direction of QMTBC to be on the correct course, on behalf of our members

  • Work with challenges as they occur

  • Work with opportunities as they occur

  • Supported by a committee of 7 others, all with a wealth of experience.

Merchandise Role

  • Manage stock for website sales

  • Process / post / deliver orders

  • Create new designs for t-shirts / merch items (there are members of our community who can help with this side of the role also)

  • Occasionally create promotions / adverts for our merch items

  • Once a year we like to run a free stall at the Remarkables Market, but this is optional.

General Committee Member

  • Attend a committee meeting one evening a month

  • Help make good decisions in all areas of QMTBC business

  • Bring your unique skills to the table as a passionate mountain biker!

  • GSD

The date for the AGM is yet to be confirmed due to the COVID-19 situation, but it will be around the 17th June 2020. In the interim if you are interested in helping your favourite club, please get in touch. It's not rocket science and pretty much any of you out there would have the right skills. If you feel like you want to be involved in the direction the club takes, and want to make a difference, this is your chance. Send us an email: Cheers! See you all out on the trails soon.

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