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Wear your Helmets Folks!! Please help us spread the word...

Last year we let you know about a personal story that effected our lives caused from not wearing a helmet.

Yes I am the crazy lady who yells out my window when I see someone riding down the street without a helmet and I only do this because I care!! Most people who do this are not actually aware that this is law in NZ so I like to encourage them 1. Not to get a fine and 2. I like your brain, please protect it!

It's too easy to say I'm just going to the pub and back, or shops and back and its just a 5 minutes ride so I don't need it. We have a few scary drivers out there as we all know and most of the time it's not your skills that can lead to accidents it can be caused by others. Or sometimes it your skills when you've had a few beers or you just loose concentration....

Another year passes and we are encouraging you to help teach those who are new to town they have to wear a helmet or if you see anyone who forgot it - tell them to save their brain and walk!!

Please feel free to read our story again and spread the word!! -

Love your family and friends for the time you have with them is precious.

Chur - Meags and Emm #teamwilken

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