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Help us Vote at the SOS Party!!!

QMTBC is going to hold a special general meeting at the beginning of the SOS party tomorrow to vote on changing the objective in our incorporated society constitution so it better reflects what the club actually does.

Having the objective align with the activities the club undertakes will make it easier for the club to register as a charity, as this objective will become the club’s charitable purpose.

The new objective is as follows:

  • To promote the sport and recreation of mountain bike riding.

  • To support and encourage the activities of any other Association or Club whose objects are similar to those of the Club.

  • To organise, promote and run mountain bike events, both competitive and social.

  • To advocate within the Queenstown Lakes region, for land access for mountain bike riding.

  • To plan, construct and maintain tracks and associated structures within the Queenstown Lakes region for mountain bike riding use.

  • To do all lawful things which may be deemed necessary, convenient or incidental to the attainment of the above objects.

  • To acquire by lease, purchase or otherwise any real or personal property and to enter into and carry out contracts and agreements for that purpose.

  • To sell or otherwise dispose of any property real or personal belonging to the Club and to surrender any lease held by it.

  • To affiliate with any other body or Society where such affiliation would promote the objects and interests of the Club.

The old objective was:

  • To promote and represent the interests of all mountain bikers in Queenstown.

  • To encourage mountain biking as a recreational and competitive sport.

  • To promote the Off Road Code:

  • Yield the right of way to other non-motorised recreationalists.

  • Use caution when overtaking and make your presence known well in advance.

  • Maintain control of your speed at all times.

  • Stay on designated trails only.

  • Do not disturb stock or wildlife.

  • Leave no trace, respect public and private property.

  • Always wear a standards approved helmet when riding.

  • Support land access organisations.

  • To promote the understanding, appreciation and maintenance of the natural environment of New Zealand.

  • To organise and administer events for recreational and competitive mountain bikers, especially in the Queenstown District.

  • To liaise with the National Body, The New Zealand Mountain Bike Association Inc.

  • To raise funds to promote all or any of the objectives of the club.

Thankyou to the Wellington Mountain Biking Club whose objective we based our new one on.

We'll need at least 35 people for a quorum, so it would be great to see a good early turnout tomorrow to vote this through.

See you all there!!!

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