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Update on Wednesday Dig Nights

We're nearing completion of our current Wednesday Night Dig project. We started construction of a 4km+ hand built single track that runs right around the outside of Queenstown Bike Park in November 2016, and we now only have about 300m to go!

Some of the old sections will need tidying up and a couple of disparate parts needed connecting up, but we are tantalisingly close! We've been getting good turnouts of 10 to 15 volunteers, and the more people we have along the sooner we'll have a great new piece of singletrack to ride. You don't need to be an experienced digger or expert rider to help with digs, anyone of any age or ability is welcome and their contribution appreciated.

We typically meet at the bottom of skyline at 5:50 and they give us a free ride up with our bikes. Keep an eye on the clubs Facebook page for more details, including which days we'll be shouting pizza (we have beer every time) - Written By Nick Coleman

See you all there tommorow!!!!

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