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Fernhill Wilding Pines

Once again a short version and a long one

In short, the club has put a coin bucket with some folding saws and gloves in the Fernhill Loop, be a GC and stop and cut down some pines every time you ride by :) The long version: About 5 years ago the club took over management of the Fernhill Loop Track. This saved the track from abandonment after both DoC and the QLDC decided they no longer wanted to manage the trail. This has opened the door to mountain bike trails in the Fernhill and One Mile area. This whole area is becoming the centre of riding in town. In order to continue to show our good custodianship of the area we have committed to helping the Wakatipu Wilding Conifer Control Group. The aim is to control the spread of wilding pine seedlings. To help you help us, we have put out a bucket with some saws and gloves on the Fernhill Loop. So, if you are up there, take a minute to cut a few pines, or pulls some out. It’ll help the native survive and keep the wilding at bay.

Cheers All

Fernhill Wilding Pines

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